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The old adage stating that a picture is worth a thousand words has never made more sense in this digital age. Across online platforms, high-quality images have been proven to enhance engagement and performance.

No matter who your customers are or your industry, your business needs to engage with and attract customers. According to research, you only have about 8 seconds to grab your audience’s attention and make an impression. So before you dismiss professional advertising photography services in a culture filled with phone cameras and numerous clicks a day, remember this:

Professional photography for your advertising is a strategic investment in your business.

Many people’s brains are devoted to visual processing; for brands, eye appeal equals buy appeal.

And while you might be handy with an iPhone camera, taking pictures yourself isn’t a great idea for your brand photography. Remember that everyone can take a photo, but not every picture fits an advertising campaign.

Why Invest in Professional Advertising Photography Services?

Investing in professional photography services can seem unnecessary, but it might be the best strategy for growing your business.

Consumers are visual, and for businesses to thrive in today’s marketplace, they must tap into this visual nature. Photography is one of the essential tools to connect with your potential customers. It improves engagement, performance and sales as people are wired to value images.

Marketers have a short time to make an impression. Only messages with great images can manage to fully capture consumer attention in milliseconds. Consumers are bombarded with thousands of content throughout the day:

  •  Almost forty years ago, users were exposed to approximately 500 ads a day
  •  Today, the number is estimated at 10,000 ads a day

With this figure, it’s not easy to stand above the crowd without images that make a strong impression that stays in the minds of the consumer and entices them to interact with the accompanying content. It takes the skill of a professional advertising photographer to craft an image that can grab their focus.

A recent study about the importance of advertising photography also reinforces this truth. Any doubts about how critical images are in advertising are dispelled with these research findings:

  •  Articles with great, relevant images gained 94% more views than those that lacked images
  • 60% of online users say they prefer brands whose listings include relevant images
  •  Press releases with images receive 15% more online views than text-based releases
  • Over two-thirds of online shoppers state that product imagery is vital to their purchasing journey.

Clearly, consumers are more likely to interact with products and services they’ve seen in detail.

And while you can use stock photos, studies show that people pay attention to images that look real. Consumers treat photos of real products or people as crucial visual content and tend to ignore stock and other “filler content” images. Not having high-quality photos for an advertising campaign can be a deal-breaker for your clients. This means businesses need good pictures and, in turn, require good advertising photography services.

Benefits of Professional Advertising Photography
While phone cameras have given everyone the impression that they can capture great images, in most cases, they’re just getting sharp, clear images that fail to tell a story or fulfill a business objective. Professional photographers, however, will ensure your images stand out from the crowd as well as look engaging and unique to embed your brand into consumers’ psyches.

Consumers often make their buying decisions based on visual cues. Well-crafted images can communicate much about your business, including your dedication to quality and attention to detail. If your photos look unprofessional or poorly composed, customers may feel that your brand isn’t worth their time or money. High-quality photography can create a lasting impression of sophistication and luxury.

Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that your marketing campaign includes professional photos. By hiring a professional team, you can ensure that your advertising campaign stands out from the competition.

Here are six other benefits of professional advertising photography for your business:

  1.  Build brand image:
    Brand image is essential in business. Your online presence and website is the first interaction your potential customers have with your brand. Building a solid image allows your customers to identify your services and products in a competitive marketplace. It also creates an impression that builds loyalty and credibility.
    Most small businesses ignore brand image as an important part of business growth strategy. This is often costly, and by the time you get around to sorting the issue, a poor brand image has already been established. Professional advertising photography isn’t a superfluous expense. It matters in building the brand you want for your business.
  2. Create engaging and shareable content:
    The benefits of an engaged audience that likes and shares your content are impossible to overstate. Creating shareable content is a critical metric to measure the success of your marketing campaigns by increasing your customer base. But you need high-quality visuals to hit the mark.
    Your digital marketing depends on engaging, fresh and shareable content– it’s a fact that people process visual content 60,000 times faster than text-only data, meaning great photos are literally 60,000 times more valuable than words alone.
    Displaying professionally captured photos alongside your posts makes them far more likely to be engaged by your potential audiences, growing your customer base and reaching more prospective customers organically.
  3. Show your products and services:
    Want to exhibit your services and products in your marketing campaigns? Your business could benefit from the professional and polished photos a full-service marketing agency like ours can create fast.
    Your business might be small or new to the market, but great, professional product images will make your brand look larger and more established, and the products you offer rival bigger brands.
    You can also have micro shots to capture every small detail of your services to highlight a particular feature and give your customers an idea of what to expect from your brand. Your website could also feature a gallery of finished results or products, if appropriate. Expertly created imagery can grant you the market visibility you require.
  4. Nurture trust through quality:
    When consumers have no way of evaluating your services and products in person, an image is all they have to rely on. A professional team offering advertising photography services understands how styling, angles, lightning and high-quality equipment combine to create a high-quality image that tells your potential customers what you’re selling, including the values of your business.
    If your website or online pages are filled with poor-quality images, how else is your brand cutting corners and building trust?
  5. Create a connection:
    Visual data stays in the long-term memory. You need well-captured images when you want your customers to remember your messaging. But did you know that the brain stores images in the same part as emotions?
    The connection between visual content and emotions in the brain creates fond and positive memories for your customers. Professional, authentic and eye-catching photos help create a personal connection with your brand, and it helps to boost their perception of your credibility and trustworthiness, translating into sales.
  6. Achieve great effects:
    If you lack the expertise or the time to create your own images, you need to work with a professional ad for photography services like Manticore Marketing. We do employee and student headshots, product photography, food photography, car photography for dealerships, etc.
    Leverage the skill and expertise that understands what you want before you do. With the right equipment and knowledge, our professionals can take your messaging ideas and translate them into on-brand imagery.

Create Great Visual Content With Manticore Marketing

When it comes to an ad for photography services, hiring a professional makes a significant difference. Skilled advertising photographers are well-versed in bringing an ad campaign to life. Exceptional advertising images can make a brand stand out and boost sales, but poor-quality advertising photos will get lost in the crowd.

Manticore Marketing is an award-winning digital marketing agency. Using professional advertising photography services, including headshots, product, food and car photography, we let your brand shine. Contact us today.

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